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The International Battery Materials Association Conference 2024

More details see on IBA2024 website

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Welcome from the Organizers

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you and your organization to join us at the next annual conference of the International Battery Materials Association (from September 8 to 13 2024) in Halifax.

Nova Scotia has a growing battery technology cluster comprised of academic researchers at Dalhousie University and innovative industry players that are actively involved in the development of advanced battery technology The 2024 IBA conference in Halifax, NS, will be an ideal opportunity to link your organization with world wide renowned battery researchers in a new center for battery R&D and discuss exciting ideas in fundamental battery materials research and practical applications.

Halifax being only a short flight from the United States and Europe, will offer a stimulating location for the 2024 IBA meeting blending fundamental academic research with a vibrant battery industrial sector Sponsors of the 2024 IBA conference will be given the opportunity to network with representatives of Nova Scotia’s innovative battery companies, e g Tesla, Novonix Zen Electric and Salient Energy, and hear their perspective on the future of battery R&D, the electric vehicle industry and the energy storage sector. Young talents from Physics, Chemistry and Engineering at Dalhousie University are eager to participate in scientific discussions, poster sessions and social events. Contributions from major innovators in the battery space including Prof Jeff Dahn and representative from Tesla are expected.

We hope that this meeting will be a stimulating experience for our sponsors and our colleagues with an excellent scientific program, great weather, beautiful coast lines and delicious maritime cuisine Join us at IBA 2024 in Halifax!


Michael Metzger and Chongyin Yang,
Conference Co-chairs


Become a valued Sponsor or Exhibitor at IBA 2024! If you would like to support the Conference, download the sponsorship and exhibitor prospectus below!

Download Sponsorship & Exhibitor Prospectus

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